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Diversified Community Services:   Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Although cash contributions to Diversified Community Services are always appreciated, there are other giving options by which you may create a lifetime stream of income for you and/or a member of your family. Planned giving allows you to enjoy a significant charitable income tax or estate tax deduction. At the same time you will be strengthening DCS’ efforts to alleviate the impact of poverty on the most vulnerable children, youth, and families in the Point Breeze community. Choosing the right plan planned gift depends on your personal circumstances and financial goals.

Flexible Ways to Establish a Legacy Gift

Appreciated Securities: Stocks and/or bonds that have increased in value since they were acquired

Bequest: A gift through one’s will

Charitable Lead Trust: This arrangement provides income to DCS for a period of years, after which the trust property typically passes to the donor’s heirs

Mutual Fund: An investment company that invests the money of its shareholders in a diverse group of securities of other corporations

Retained Life Estate: The right to use property for life (usually a residence or a farm) after contributing the remainder interest to a charitable institution

Retirement Accounts: Qualified plans like IRAs, 401(k), and 403(b) accounts that permit individuals to accumulate savings tax-free for retirement

If one of these strategies seems right for you, we invite you to contact us to learn more about creating a Legacy Gift.

Steve Peura
Director of Development
215-336-5505, ext. 114

Information for attorneys or advisors working on a client’s estate plans, or if you are an executor working on an estate in probate:

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Contact: Steve Peura
Director of Development
215-336-5505, ext. 114

Thank you for making a financial commitment to fuel the daily activities at DCS and to further advancement towards our vision for the future.